SQL SERVER MultipleActiveResultSets

最近要写个从SQLSERVER导出数据的程序。 我很少用SQLSERVER,不熟悉,结果写的时候碰上个诡异的问题。

SQLSTATE[IMSSP]: The connection cannot process this operation because there is a statement with pending results.  To make the connection available for other queries, either fetch all results or cancel or free the statement.  For more information, see the product documentation about the MultipleActiveResultSets connection option.


用了那么久MYSQL和ORACLE,我还真不知道多结果集支持还需要手动开启。。。好吧,查了一下MS的文档,把参数给加上了。。。你妹啊!! 还是不行,问题依旧。赶紧搜索引擎,结果居然得到一个2B的提示。。。MultipleActiveResultSets   is   only   supported   by   SQL   Server   2005。。。


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